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Do we have a responsibility to do something about Thunder Bay?

Do we have a responsibility to do something about Thunder Bay? Hill Times, December 2 2019 A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see Thunder Bay, Ont., again, and it was winter already. I travelled there to attend the memorial for two First Nations youth who died in Thunder Bay— Jethro Anderson and…

It’s a new day for Indigenous Rights in Canada

The Province of BC passed UNDRIP on November 26, 2019 – a huge event in history on par with the Royal Proclamation.

#Elxn43 report card: needs improvement for Indigenous inclusion

Federal Court appeal: The horror is the Liberals’ decision to refuse to change their ways and the Conservatives stating they would
do the same. The fact is that a request for a procedural delay until after the election was the
obvious choice. An ethical choice.

Let’s talk about a different model of governance

Indigenous peoples want representation. We want a government that not only can deal with different perspectives, we want a government that values diversity.

When is an apology good enough?

By Hill Times September 23, 2019, Rose LeMay As most Canadians, I watched the brownface incident and response on September 18 and felt a range of emotions, from anger to grief. Racism is like that—it elicits such a range of emotions. The question is when is an apology good enough? It’s complicated, but the first…

The myth and opportunity of the Indigenous vote

It’s time we all demand that political platforms give attention to these systems in desperate need of change, so that Indigenous peoples need not fear the systems purported to help them. This is a time for allies—non-Indigenous Canadians—to
amplify the voices of Indigenous and demand some changes. It won’t be easy.

Hey Allies! Do the work.

As people gathered to mark and celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day this past June 21, you may have noticed a land acknowledgement given in recognition of the original caretakers of the land on which these gatherings were taking place. In fact, you may have noticed how ubiquitous these land acknowledgements are at almost every event…

Indigenous women and girls go missing every day in this country

On May 5, Canadians will wear red in memory of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. The facts are disturbing. There are 1,673,800 Indigenous peoples in Canada according to the 2016 Census. The RCMP’s last official tally notes 1,181 Indigenous women went missing or murdered between 1980 and 2012.  There are many discussions…

What is new is not new: Why we need diversity in mental health

By Lisa Zimmerman, Manager of Equity Programs At a training program last summer, I was part of a cohort of professionals from various sectors, looking to better understand diversity and inclusion principles. At the end of the third day, we were asked to divide up and sit with others from our various professions in order to…

Welcome Lisa Zimmerman to the IRG

As more and more Canadians choose to engage in conversations about reconciliation and advocate for Indigenous inclusion, the demand for our services continues to grow. As such, the Indigenous Reconciliation Group is pleased to welcome Lisa Zimmerman to the company as the Manager, Equity Programs. Lisa brings over 14 years of experience to her new…