Consulting and management support for reconciliation

Elder Sam Achneepineskum, Tanya Talaga, Rose LeMay

Rights and relationship lead to reconciliation.  It's more than a checklist. When organizations commit to changing the way they work in order to ensure that Indigenous clients and partners receive the best possible services, it takes time and resources.  This type of change does not happen off the side of an employee's desk.

Indigenous people deserve equity in Canada which entails a systems change to ensure they receive excellent services as clients or as employees, no matter what the sector.  It is a fundamental right. The relationship between an organization and Indigenous partner organizations is key to moving forward, this partnership provides a compass on the journey on direction, tone and speed of reconciliation.  With good relationship, the communication flows during times of celebration and times of challenge. Rights and relationship lead to reconciliation.

Organizations have shared some success stories with us, and some lessons learned.  Based on Canadian and international lessons, we offer coaching and consultation to organization leaders on how to manage this type of change, based on your strategic plan.

We are honoured to partner with Tanya Talaga to offer unique and timely coaching and consultation for reconciliation.  Tanya Talaga is well-known for her work on Seven Fallen Feathers, her book on the loss of First Nations kids in Thunder Bay.  Because of her work and advocacy, reports and recommendations have been completed on changes needed in education, policing and corrections.  Tanya recently published All Our Relations about mental health services and the risk of suicide for Indigenous peoples.  We hope that this book will also result in systems change.

Rose LeMay brings skills in organizational change management, the art and skill of leading people to support change.  She has coaching and advised on relationship building between organizations and Indigenous partners across Canada, US, New Zealand and Australia. While every relationship is unique with its own timing, there are wise practices that may be of benefit for your organization.

Are you looking for support on communications, strategic planning, implementation or accountability measures in your reconciliation journey?  We may be able to help.