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Cultural competence

Over 50 ways culture influences Cultural competence in communication – Teal and Street Northern Health BC along with the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health has some great resources: Quick 5 minute video on cultural safety.  All the same messages that we teach in ICC,…


What is privilege? – view video by BuzzFeed An adult version of the $100 race, including (American) questions about privilege. Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy MacIntosh The original (American) White Privilege EN only Unpacking our White Privilege: reflecting on our teaching practice –…


So you want to know about history. The History-on-the-Wall exercise is built out of a master Excel document.  This document needs some explanation.There’s some columns to organize by color/era and the real date of the event.  There’s a column which has the blurb which is…

Two-Day ICC Decks

These are the current and standard 2-day ICC decks. 1 Indigenous Canada EN VN2018-1 2 Cultural competence EN VN2018-1 3 History EN VN2018-1 4 Resilience EN VN2018-1 5 Ally racism EN VN2018-1 6 The way forward EN VN2018-1

Team GN – Teams and Key Documents

TEAM ICC in GN – Overview of teams, decks Facebook CICCF For the days you need some calm….An honest meditation.