Indigenous Cultural Competence November 14 in Toronto


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Usually offered as a package to organizations, this is a rare one-day session for individual sign-up.

Canada is a few years into the reconciliation era, and many individuals and organizations are thinking deeply about the opportunity and responsibility of contributing.  Want to learn more about reconciliation?  It starts with safety and an adult education approach, as reconciliation and culture and the hidden history of Canada are all potentially difficult conversations.  Sometimes even the simple questions, like who are Indigenous peoples in Canada, may not be as simple as they appear.  The best adult learning is done in safety with others who want to learn more to do better.  The safety of this course is built through building skills in cultural competence.  The Indigenous Cultural Competence course defines this with the step of knowing one’s own culture, and deepening awareness about how much it influences values, beliefs and communication.  Cultural competence is also knowing about Canada’s history with Indigenous peoples and the potential impacts today.

But cultural competence is a practice, including the practice of challenging racism against Indigenous peoples.  It seems that racism against Indigenous peoples is not decreasing, and the role of allies here is very important.  Finally, what could Canada look like in the future, once we’ve completed some of the work of reconciliation?  Hope is an important tool.

This is a unique learning experience building on both mainstream adult education and Indigenous ways of learning and sharing knowledge.
Date:  November 14, 2019
Time:  9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Location:  150 King Street West, Toronto – Room E1 on 16th Floor
For more information:  ICC 1day agenda

Comments from past participants

“This was one of the best training sessions I’ve ever done. You managed to create space where everyone learned and was able to maintain an open heart during difficult conversations which was extremely powerful.”  June 2018

“Very engaging and open atmosphere for sharing. I’ve never had such an encompassing overview of this topic and definitely will be taking away lots from this.”  February 2018

“Exceptional training. Well delivered with valuable insights that I will continue to integrate into my work and life. Thank you.” March 2018

“An excellent day – thank you to both facilitators. I would have liked an additional half day to be able to practice cultural competence even more in class – so I can introduce into my everyday life even more. I think every Canadian should have an opportunity to take this course.”  June 2018

Course Pre-requisite

Participants are expected to have an interest in Indigenous well-being, and coping skills to self-manage when course materials may be difficult.

Course Fees and Policies

This is a one-time session for individual sign-up at the sale price of $350 + HST per person, including coffee breaks and lunch. Full payment is required upon registration to confirm your space.
Upon cancellation of registration up to one week in advance of the course, the IRG will refund 50% of the fee.  No refunds will be provided within one week of the course.
This course is limited to 25 participants on a first-come first serve basis.  A minimum of 15 participants is required, or the course may be postponed.
Attendance is required for the full 7.5 hours as learning objectives build over the day.