ICC courses are generally offered to organizations – an organization will purchase a course for their employees.  We have provided 1-day and 2-day courses health authorities, local mental health service organizations, leadership training program as a portion of their larger curriculum, corporations, federal departments and more.

The IRG schedules ICC sessions with at least 1 month advance notice.  In rare circumstances, a course may be offered with less lead time.

Option One – one-day or two-day version

The one-day version is best suited for senior executives, and/or participants with some prior experience working with Indigenous peoples.  The core content is covered in a faster pace.

The two-day version is best suited for participant groups with less experience working with Indigenous peoples.  The core content is covered in a moderate pace with more time for questions and discussion, and small and large group exercises.

There are higher costs associated with a two-day course.

Option Two – 25 or 50 participants

Depending on the number of participants an organization intends to send to a course, a course can be smaller with 25 people (minimum 20); or larger with 50 people (maximum 50).

A 25-person course will be led by one facilitator, and a 50-person course will be co-led by two facilitators to ensure group learning outcomes.

Session Fee

A course session fee includes:

  • preparation to adapt exercises for the participant group
  • printed workbooks for participants with additional resources for ongoing learning
  • expert facilitation with participant interaction
  • participant evaluation summary for the organization
  • online alumni discussion forum

The course session fee does not include:

  • space rental if required, as many organizations have training space
  • projector and screen (all other technical requirements provided by IRG)
  • travel of facilitators

Please contact the IRG to discuss scheduling and pricing.