What We Do

Indigenous Cultural Competence

The IRG offers one of the most successful and sought after course on the topic – the ©Indigenous Cultural Competence course.  Offered in 1-day and 2-day in-person formats across Canada by Certified ICC facilitators, the learning experience covers cultural competence, history of Canada, reconciliation and more.

Excellent presentation style, expertise and ability to move through difficult content.” February 2017 session participant.

“A+++, love this – excellent and necessary information and challenge to do better.”  August 2017 session participant.

“Highlight is having a deeper understanding of the history which allows for open conversation about ways in which we can support one another.”  January 2016 participant.

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Change Management

We are certified in change management, and can help you lead your organization on its journey.

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Coaching and management support

The IRG offers services in coaching and management support across areas of Indigenous health and mental health, community engagement and change management.  With an extensive network across Canada of coaches and consultants, we can help you find the right partner to help your organization succeed.  Contact us to discuss your needs.


Community of Practice for organizations implementing cultural competence and reconciliation

Health and mental health organizations across Canada are committed to doing their part for reconciliation.  But what does that look like?  It probably involves a number of areas of improvement and change, and each organization will start from a different place.  Most organizations likely address the following areas of improvement and change:  build the capacity of employees for cultural competence, build effective relationships with local Indigenous communities and partner organizations, adapt organizational processes to be more inclusive of Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous employees, increase cultural safety for Indigenous clients, and practice the art of being an ally for Indigenous wellbeing and inclusion.

The IRG is planning to offering a structured Community of Practice for organizations to continue on their reconciliation journey, based in change management principles.  The details have not yet been confirmed, but expect to see a year-long process to learn about organizational cultural competence and change management, organizational cultural competence, the role of ally, and more.  It’s an opportunity to share lessons learned as an organizational leader, and learn from leaders across Canada on similar journeys.